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How to maintain the pneumatic tools
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Using method and maintenance tools and techniques of pneumatic:

1, to ensure the correct generation supply system: the inlet pressure at the entrance to the tools (non air compressor outlet pressure) is generally 90PSIG (6.2Kg/cm^2), performance and life, have high low loss tool. The air inlet must contain sufficient lubricating oil to tool,pneumatic motor get sufficient lubrication (capable of holding a blank piece of paper on the tool exhaust review whether there is oil, normal oil stains phenomenon). The air inlet must do not contain moisture, if Zhuang compressed air without air dryer is not appropriate.
, can not be arbitrary demolition tools spare parts, in addition toaffect operator safety clearance will cause tool damage.

3, if the tool or by using a malfunction cannot achieve the original function, can notcontinue to use, should immediately check.

4, the use of various tools, be sure to follow the instructions and various safety regulations for handling.

5, to choose the appropriate tools, tools cause too much work injury, too small to cause thetool to tool damage.

6, periodically (about once a week) inspection, maintenance tools, add butter in bearings and other rotating parts, add oil to the pneumatic motor parts.