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Yongkang Sanhe Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. is responsible for sales, technical services, business development and training of SAKAI SAKAI products in China. It now provides technical and sales personnel to serve customers in China.

The company's main business is: automatic, manual spray gun, to undertake various types of spray production lines and automatic spray equipment design, manufacturing engineering. The main customers of the service come from electronics, electrical appliances, chemicals, shoemaking, machinery, ceramics, food, glass, beverages, pharmaceuticals, packaging, paper making, textiles, construction, automotive, metallurgy, casting, and leather industries.

SAKAI SAKAI spraying equipment has provided the best quality products supporting services and solutions for Chinese auto OEMs, bus factories, automobile refitting plants and auto maintenance industries for a long time. The solution integrates SAKAI's high quality product resources, which not only simplifies the painting operation process, improves the spraying efficiency and the spraying quality, but also strengthens the health protection of the painting technicians, reduces the expenditure of various expenses, and strengthens the customer's supporting use. confidence. In recent years, the major automotive OEM OEMs, 4S stations, and industrial customers have all used SAKAI SAKAI's overall supporting products and gained wide recognition.

After several years of development, product sales range from the domestic market to Europe, America, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. The company has a place in the market and has won wide acclaim from customers.